What is a Discovery Session and How to Make the Most of Yours

by | Apr 22, 2024 | Teenagers | 0 comments

Are you considering hiring a life coach for your teen or young adult daughter?  

Is your daughter asking to talk with someone other than you?

Do you feel like you could use additional support on your parenting journey?

Have you heard about parent coaching and wonder how it can help you? 


Then it’s time to find a coach! 


Most parents begin their search for a coach online.  Others ask their friends.  No matter how you gather a list of possible coaches, determining who will be the best fit requires more than looking at the coach’s website or talking with her former clients. It’s critical to schedule a discovery session. 


Most coaches will offer a free discovery session (sometimes called an exploratory call or consultation) to prospective clients.  While each coach will have a different approach to this initial meeting, the main purpose is for you to get a feel for the coach and assess if she would be a good match.  You should also have an opportunity to share your concerns and, in some cases, receive targeted tips. The coach should answer your questions and at minimum share their process, programs, and pricing.  


Schedule Your Free Discovery Call


Since most discovery sessions are between 15-30 minutes, it’s helpful to have a guide so you can maximize your time. 


Here’s how to make the most of your discovery session and decide on the best parent or teen/young adult life coach. 


  1. Clarify your biggest challenges and concerns.  What is getting in the way of a strong parent-teen relationship? What worries you most about your daughter?  What are your biggest parenting challenges
  2. Consider your ideal outcomes.  What do you want to get out of parent coaching? What do you hope your daughter will learn from working with a coach? What are your ideal outcomes?
  3. Think about the characteristics of an ideal coach.  What kind of person will best connect with your daughter? What are the qualities you seek in a parent coach?
  4. Explore your options.  I recommend meeting two or three coaches so you can find the one who is most relatable and who can provide the type of support you are seeking. 
  5. Ask questions. In addition to sharing your concerns and challenges, inquire about the coach’s programs and pricing, her approach, her experience and education, and her rate of client success and satisfaction.  Other questions to consider asking: 
  • What information do you share with parents? 
  • What is the level of parent involvement? 
  • What happens if you discover my daughter needs more than coaching? 
  • What if my daughter doesn’t open up? 


A coach plays an important role in your daughter’s life and your parenting journey, so It’s worth investing time to find the right person.  Meeting several coaches and preparing for your discovery session by identifying your biggest challenges, ideal outcomes, and questions will help you maximize this initial meeting and choose a coach who can help you and your daughter move forward. 


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