Happiness. Confidence. Connection.

Parent Coaching ♦ Life Coaching for Teen Girls & Young Women

Erica uses a unique blend of teaching and coaching to help girls connect with their strengths and values, discover their passions, and learn how to make thoughtful decisions that move them into a happy, successful future.

Through parent coaching, she supports parents in creating open lines of communication and building a stronger relationship with their teen.  

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Why would you consider hiring a coach? 

  • Your daughter doesn’t open up to you.
  • You question if you are giving her the right support.
  • Her behavior leaves you hurt, worried, or frustrated.
  • It feels like everything you do or say is wrong.
  • You’re concerned about the pressures she is facing.
  • You’d like her to make values-based decisions on her own.
  • You recognize the value of providing her tools to navigate life with confidence.
  • You want her to have high self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and an ability to cope with feelings and challenges

⭐️ Parent coaching will support you in guiding your daughter through challenges and toward her highest potential. Learn more. 

⭐️ Teen and young adult life coaching will help your daughter develop confidence, process and learn from her experiences, and master helpful tools, strategies, and mindsets. Learn more.

Does this sound familiar?

“Erica is your go-to life coach for raising a healthy, happy teenager.  I would not be so close with my daughter if it were not for Erica. She helped us make the teen years joyful and connected.  She also helped my daughter grow as a person and discover who she really is.  I highly recommend Erica for life coaching.”


-L.S., Parent

I am so grateful to Erica for uplifting me so that I could thrive during my first year at Harvard University. Erica has taught me to walk in grace and kindness, while also encouraging me to take leadership positions and nurturing my overall sense of wellbeing. She has reduced my stress and helped me learn to process my emotions to better serve myself and the world around me.”

– S.M., College Freshman 

“Erica has been a huge support to me and my husband. Providing us with parent coaching on how to best communicate and support our girls. Erica has a warm and inviting style. I highly recommend giving her a call if you want extra support through the sometimes challenging tween/teen years.”

-C.W., Parent


Erica also offers inspiring presentations!

Erica’s presentations provide girls with valuable information that supports self-awareness, confidence, and thoughtful decision-making.

She teaches parents effective ways to communicate with their teen, strategies for strengthening the parent-teen relationship, and how to support their teen’s confidence, responsibility, and resilience.

Perfect for groups of parents, schools, PTA, NCL, Girl Scouts, youth events, or sports teams.

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