Does Your Daughter Need a Teen Life Coach or a Therapist?

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The path toward adulthood is not always smooth for a teenage girl.  From emotional swings and social dilemmas to hormonal changes and identity formation, it’s not unusual for a teen girl to experience feelings of stress, anxiety, or hopelessness.  When parents see their daughter struggling, they naturally want to help but may wonder, what is the best type of support?  


Does your teenage daughter need a therapist or a teen life coach? 


There is tremendous value in providing your daughter with a safe outlet where she can receive encouragement, insight, and guidance, beyond that provided within her family.    A therapist is best suited to support a teen who is processing trauma, grieving the loss of a close family member or friend, dealing with clinical depression or anxiety, exhibiting signs of an eating disorder, or suicidal ideation.   A therapist will be able to provide a diagnosis, which may be necessary if medication is needed. 


But in most cases, the challenges teen girls encounter do not require therapy.  In fact, many parents who reach out to me for teen life coaching describe their daughters this way:


 “My daughter is a great girl! She has friends, does pretty well in school, and plays sports, but I worry about her confidence and self-esteem.  I want her to feel good about herself, so she can rise to her potential.  I’d love for her to have tools to handle the pressures of high school and college.”  


The Coaching Difference


Where therapists set the agenda, dig into the past, and help their clients answer the question, Why am I…??   A teen life coach focuses on their client’s future. Together, the coach and client determine goals or desired outcomes, and then the coaching process begins.  Through a variety of methods, a teen life coach helps her clients: 


  • Connect with personal strengths and values
  • Identify actions that will move them forward
  • Learn strategies for solving problems and overcoming challenges
  • Build the bridge from where they are to where they want to be


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The outcomes of teen life coaching include: 


  • More confidence and self-esteem 
  • A growth mindset 
  • Understanding of how to use personal strengths and learned strategies to overcome obstacles 
  • Clarity on their future and best next steps 
  • Relief in knowing they have a reliable and trustworthy person in their support system 


No matter what, connection is key.


The foundation for any meaningful support is connection.  Your teen should feel that the therapist or coach is someone with whom they can relate and trust,  someone who speaks their language and is easy to talk with, and most importantly someone who will work with them in achieving their desired outcomes.




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