Online Life Coaching for Teen Girls and Young Women

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Outside of school and extracurricular activities, where does your teenage daughter spend most of her time? On her phone! So why not make the most of her screen time with online life coaching? 


Parents and girls appreciate the convenience of an online life coach. Without having to drive to an appointment, they save time and gas.  Plus, girls love being able to talk with their life coach from the comfort of their home. Rather than wasting time scrolling and posting, they actually use their phone for personal growth and empowerment.  


How can online life coaching help your teenage or young adult daughter?


Life coaching is a collaborative and inspiring process. Although I always coach my clients toward their stated outcomes, I also make a point of working with them to determine the focus of each session, encouraging them to choose topics that are important to them.  Inspiration and empowerment are infused into all sessions as your daughter gains a deeper understanding of her strengths and values, learns how to overcome challenges, and moves strategically toward what she really wants in life.  


How does online life coaching work?   


My online coaching process begins with a parent discovery call and a teen or young adult meet-and-greet session.  The discovery call allows parents to share their concerns and learn more about my coaching programs. The meet-and-greet provides the teen or young adult a chance to get a feel for me and make sure I’m a good fit.  If parents and teen agree to proceed, they select a coaching program and the coaching journey begins. 


These are just a few things your daughter can expect from online life coaching: 

  • A confidential, judgment-free zone 
  • An opportunity to think in new and revealing ways 
  • Encouragement and support every step of the way 
  • Helpful resources and effective strategies to add to her toolbox of life skills 
  • Connection, collaboration, and understanding 
  • Focus on her goals and desires for her future
  • An accountability partner so she can stay on track and develop helpful habits.


All of my teen and young adult online coaching programs include parent support as well. As I get to know your daughter, I will be able to share strategies and approaches that will help you reinforce what she learns through coaching. I will also address your questions and concerns.  We work as a team so you and your daughter can get the most out of your coaching experience. 

If you’re ready to take the first step toward empowering and equipping your daughter and creating a better relationship with her, schedule a free discovery call today.  


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