Life Skills For Teens – Self-Awareness and Mindfulness (Part 2)

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Self-awareness and mindfulness are two important life skills for teens that will help your daughter navigate life well. Self-awareness involves an understanding of personal strengths, weaknesses, and character.  It helps your daughter understand how her habits, triggers, and tendencies impact her life.  Mindfulness is an aspect of self-awareness that cultivates a non-judgemental attitude.  It goes hand in hand with Emotional Intelligence and the skill of self-soothing.   With mindfulness, your daughter can tap into thoughtful reactions and an overall sense of calm. 


Both self-awareness and mindfulness promote responsible independence and her ability to overcome challenges and achieve her goals.   


Summer is a perfect time to focus on promoting these life skills for teens, enabling your daughter to move into the next school year feeling confident and prepared for whatever life brings. 


Building Self-Awareness


  • Honor the inner qualities that lead to your daughter’s accomplishments.  Anytime she achieves something, ask yourself, What does this reflect about her character? Then, honor and praise that! 
  • Highlight the inner qualities and values that drive her decisions.   For example, you can say I noticed you made a choice to —- and that really shows your —-.   Or I noticed you made a choice to get your homework done before soccer practice. That shows how well you manage your time and prioritize.
  • Allow and encourage individuality. Your teenage daughter is figuring herself out and it’s likely she will experiment with different fashion and make-up styles, music, sports, and teen trends. This is normal and it’s important for you to explore her individuality alongside her. Be curious about her changing styles, tastes, and preferences. Provide her information when needed and trust that you are laying a strong foundation. 


Cultivating Mindfulness


  • Use a think-aloud to model awareness of your thoughts and feelings. This is a tried-and-true teaching strategy that works well for building the skill of mindfulness in teenage girls.  With this approach, you might say something like, I had a stressful day at work and I can feel it in my shoulders. They are so tight. I’m going to do some yoga to unwind. When you practice a “think-aloud,” don’t expect your teen to respond. The purpose is not to start a conversation, but to show her how she can identify and express feelings and take action to support herself. 
  • Begin to include the language of mindfulness in your conversations with your teenage daughter.  Words like pause, breathe, reflect, notice, and curious all support mindful awareness. 


    • Ask your teenage daughter about her thoughts. Use questions like:  
  • What are you telling yourself about….  
  • What are you thinking about …. 
  • Does that thought feel helpful or harmful? Honest or imaginary? 


Teen life coaching is another effective way for girls to develop self-awareness and mindfulness. If you are curious about how summer life coaching can reinforce these essential life skills and more, schedule a free discovery call. 


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