10 Self Awareness Building Exercises 

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In my last two blogs,  I talked about the power of self-awareness. It supports personal growth, goal achievement, better relationships, and an overall fulfilling life. Self-awareness develops over time but you can use these exercises to start building self-awareness now. 

These self-awareness-building practices are perfect for parents, teens, and young adults.  

1. Name five personal strengths.  These can include qualities like kind, honest, intelligent, funny, or athletic. 

2. Describe a “Strengths Story.”  When and how did your strengths help you in life? For example, if one of your strengths is kindness, how has being kind helped you with friends, family, school, or yourself? 

3. Name five values.  These are things that matter to you and can include family, friends, learning, travel, or health.  

4. Describe how your values help you make decisions.  For example, if one of your values is health, consider how that value informs the choices you make. 

5. Think of a person close to you.  From their point of view, what is life like? What Is most important to them? What are their biggest dreams? What are their biggest worries? How does this information help you better understand them? 


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6. Think of your closest friendships.  Do you feel that each of you is a good friend? What does it mean to be a good friend? How do you practice being a good friend? 

7. Watch your thoughts.  For one day, pay close attention to the thoughts that flow in and out of your head.  Notice how your thoughts make you feel.  Ask yourself, does thinking and feeling this way help me or harm me?  If you notice a harmful thought or feeling, see if you can identify a more helpful thought. Focus on helpful thoughts.

8. Think of a person you admire.  What qualities or skills does that person have that you want to develop in yourself?   What is one small action step you can take that will start to strengthen that quality?  

9. What are your weaknesses? How do your weaknesses impact your life?  Is there a weak quality that you would benefit from strengthening? If so, what is one small action step that will begin to strengthen that quality?

10. Imagine yourself in five years.  How have you changed?  What goals have you accomplished? Who are the most important people in your life? 


Use these questions to spark introspection or meaningful conversations.  They can also serve as journal prompts.  Either way, as you dive into each inquiry, you will be building self-awareness. 



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