How to Support Your Teenage Daughter Through Life Changes 

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Change is inevitable.  Sometimes it is welcomed and sometimes not. For teenage girls, summer is a welcomed change. They have more time for fun, friends, and sleeping in. But for many, summer also marks a time of transition.  This is especially true for girls who are preparing for high school or heading off to college. 


These major transitions often create a variety of emotions for your teenage daughter.  From anxiety and fear to curiosity and excitement.  During the transition from middle school to high school or high school to college your daughter is likely asking herself: 


Will I make friends?

Can I handle it?  

Will I fit in? 

What if I get lost? 

What if I’m homesick? 

Will I succeed? 


How your daughter answers these questions determines how she will approach the transition and consequently, how she will start the new chapter of her life. In addition, her answers set a precedent for how she will handle other life changes. For these reasons, it is extremely important to help her develop a healthy outlook about change


Here are some ways you can support your daughter through life changes:


Provide reassurance 

Ease her fears and doubts by reassuring her that she is likable, supported, and capable.  Remind her of other changes she’s handled and the wisdom she gained as a result. Highlight obstacles she has overcome and goals she has achieved. Link those past experiences to her strengths and capabilities. This will boost her confidence and belief that she can do hard things.  


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Teach specific strategies  

High school and college present new people, pressures, and challenges, which can trigger a lot of fear and anxiety.  In order to feel equipped, your daughter will need a toolbox of strategies and helpful mindsets.  Through life coaching, your high school or college-age daughter will learn responsible, healthy ways to process and respond to new situations. 


Build perspective.  

Help your daughter see that within change lies opportunity. As she expresses her thoughts, feelings, and beliefs around starting a new school, ask her open-ended questions that foster a healthy perspective.  Acknowledge the challenges associated with change and help her see all sides of a new situation.  Share your excitement for all the positive experiences that await her.  


While you can offer meaningful support at home, teen girls tend to pull away from their parents.  They want to assert their independence and separateness and often do so by rejecting, ignoring, or arguing with your well-meaning advice. You can ensure your daughter gets the support she needs through life coaching.  As her coach, I provide the voice of a parent without being the parent.  Girls are often more open and willing to listen to insights when they come from someone outside their family.  Teen life coaching sessions provide an essential “time out” where she can reflect, learn, and contemplate empowering ways to handle life’s various challenges and changes.  


Contact me to discover more about summer coaching and ensure your daughter is prepared to have a successful, happy, and confident school year. 



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