Can Your Daughter Have a Strong Connection with an Online Life Coach?

by | May 22, 2024 | Personal Growth, Teenagers | 0 comments

The most important ingredient of a successful teen coaching experience is the quality of the relationship between coach and teen; this is true whether meeting in person or with an online life coach.  However, many parents question whether a strong relationship can be formed without meeting in person.  After two years of Zoom school, is their daughter ready for more online interaction? 


Thriving with an Online Life Coach


When I transitioned from in-person to virtual coaching sessions, I had similar concerns.  I worried that online meetings would negatively affect my ability to connect with my clients.  I wondered if they would be able to focus and still reap the benefits of life coaching.  But I was pleasantly surprised!   The girls who previously met with me in person, as well as those who have recently enrolled in a teen life coaching program, enjoy, if not prefer, online coaching.  Our connection is as strong as if we were meeting in person and their willingness to engage actually improved.  


Real-Life Success Story


My former client May* is a perfect example. She said: “FaceTime meetings were particularly helpful because I never had to stress about being somewhere at a particular time and I was able to focus on figuring out new solutions and approaches to challenges from my bedroom!  Also, while working with Erica, I moved away for college.   This change came with new stressors and emotions. Although I was living many miles away, I was still able to meet with Erica on FaceTime and learn new practices that helped me sort through my emotions and cope with new challenges, and this helped make my college transition more enjoyable and positive.”   


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Benefits of Online Coaching


While there are obvious differences between online and in-person life coaching sessions, forming a strong, trusting connection is not one of them.  As May pointed out, online coaching allowed her to process her experiences and learn effective strategies from the comfort of her own room.  Compared with meeting in an office, which can feel formal and sometimes cause girls to be guarded, meeting in a familiar environment helps them feel more relaxed and open. They are more receptive to me and the life coaching tools I share. 


How an online life coach shows up online is critical to creating a strong coach-client connection.  I ensure that I have privacy, proper lighting, and an inviting background.  Whether meeting on Facetime or Zoom, I am literally face-to-face with my clients.  I can make good eye contact and note their subtle changes in expression which helps me gain a deeper understanding of their concerns.


With a professional yet friendly setting and encouragement to share in a safe environment, a strong online coach-client relationship always develops.  


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