Ten Ways to Boost Your Teen’s Self Esteem

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Preparing for a new school year goes beyond choosing classes and gathering supplies.  Teens often need a boost of self-esteem to help them take on the challenges of a new school year. Unfortunately, self-esteem drops during the early teen years, and without intention and effective support, it’s hard to retrieve. Whether entering high school or college, strong self-esteem enables your teen to feel empowered and motivated and will contribute to a more balanced perspective. The actions listed here are designed to strengthen your teen’s self-esteem so she starts off the year feeling strong and confident. Give them a try and let me know how it goes. 

  1. Praise her inner qualities more often than her accomplishments.  Think about who she is, not what she does. 
  2. Allow her voice to be heard.  Ask her opinion and give her opportunities to make, or be involved in, important decisions. 
  3. Acknowledge the values that drive her actions.  Highlight the values that inform the choices she makes. 
  4. Reframe failure.  Point out the important lessons embedded within a setback or perceived failure. 
  5. Model and teach effective ways to cope with stress.  Make sure your daughter knows several strategies for dealing with feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, sadness, anger, etc. 
  6. Talk about and practice self-forgiveness.  Model and teach your teen how to forgive herself and let go of past regrets. 
  7. Use the word choice.  Point out where your teen can make choices that positively impact her life. 
  8. Differentiate between self-esteem and arrogance.  Many teens minimize their self-esteem for fear of being seen as arrogant.  Make sure your teen understands the difference. 
  9. Remind your teen of the challenges she’s overcome. Promote a mindset that she can do hard things! 
  10. Encourage safe and healthy risk-taking.  Facing a fear or overcoming an obstacle builds a sense of confidence and capability. Healthy risks include trying a new sport or activity, starting a conversation with a potential friend, and doing something you’ve always wanted to do but held yourself back because of fear of failure. 


Download your Ten ways to boost your self-esteem list here.


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