Seven Affirmations for Teens

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The way we think influences everything, from how we feel to how we interact with others and how we experience life.  When we choose positive, affirming thoughts, we can create powerful changes.  We can experience joy and contentment, and from that place make calm, thoughtful choices.  However, there are many influences that steer our minds away from positive, affirming thoughts to thoughts of want, comparison, and doubt.  This is especially true for teens. Their impressionable minds are easily swayed by peers, television, and social media. But if we introduce teens to simple, uplifting affirmations, they can empower themselves with a shield against negative influences and literally fuel their minds with thoughts that promote optimism, happiness, confidence, and quality relationships.  I’ve prepared seven affirmations for teens that will improve their self-esteem and help them overcome negative thinking.

1. I trust in life. 

When we trust in life, we can relax and truly enjoy the unfolding of each day.  Trusting in life means we know that everything happens for a reason- to build inner strength, reveal the next step, or teach us something we need to learn. 


2. I am in charge of my choices. 


This is a powerful truth.  We always have a choice- what we say, how we respond, and even how we think about a person or situation.  When it feels like life is out of control, pause and ask yourself, what choices do I have? Then, remind yourself, you are in charge of your choices. 


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3. Everything is happening for my highest good. 


This goes along with trusting life. When we believe that everything happens for our highest good, we can put worry aside when life gets complicated and challenging, because we believe there will be a silver lining.  We can move forward with a sense of confidence and grace because we know that all experiences have the power to shape us for the better.  


4. I am open to possibilities. 


When we open ourselves up to possibilities, we open ourselves up to wonder and potential. It is like taking the blinders off our eyes so we can see there are many roads to the desired outcome, many ways to solve a problem, and all sorts of positive people and experiences awaiting us.


5. Opportunities are coming my way.


Believing that opportunities are coming ignites energy and optimism. It sets us up to receive and recognize an opportunity when it is in our path.  Especially when it feels like nothing is going right or there’s been a series of setbacks, trust that opportunities are coming… because they are. 


6. When something is taken out of my life, something better will follow. 


It can be hard to lose something we care about. Whether a friend, loved one, or treasured item, the loss is often followed by feelings of emptiness or longing.  While it is important to mourn a loss and feel whatever feelings follow, it is equally helpful to view loss as a sweeping away of something that may no longer serve us and creating space for something new. 


7. I expect positive outcomes.


What we think about will come about. Expecting positive outcomes sets us up to receive positive outcomes.  It turns our focus toward what’s good, which sparks motivation to take action that perpetuates goodness and leads to optimal outcomes.   


Repeating affirmations regularly will change the way your teen thinks and promote a happy, healthy attitude toward life. 


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