Reflection on 2020

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Teenagers | 0 comments

2020 — a year of change

I’d like to share with you my reflection on 2020.

Like most of us, I am ready to say good-bye to 2020, a year marked by extremes and full of change. Some of these changes were welcomed but most were not.

As our ‘new normal’ evolved, we faced challenges and were forced to adjust, again and again. We found ourselves taking on new roles, spending more time in front of our screens for the sake of work, education, and connection, and turning our living rooms into spaces for learning, fitness, and family fun.

If ever there was a year we will not forget, it is this one.  However, I hope our memories will not focus only on the challenges of 2020, but also on the silver linings.

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Reflecting on silver linings of 2020

While it may be difficult to find the silver linings among the dark clouds of this year, we owe it to ourselves and our teens to search for and celebrate whatever glimmers we can find.

Some silver linings are obvious and sometimes they are hidden in hardship or embedded in a challenge. It can be helpful to start there — think about the hardest thing you experienced this year and see if you can identify what you learned. How did you grow? What do you now know that you didn’t know before?

Seeing blessings in challenges

I firmly believe that challenges are our greatest teachers. They remind us of our strength and capability. They strengthen our values and deepen our wisdom. It may not feel like it, but challenges often steer us off the wrong path and onto the right one.  And very often, they prompt us to reach out for support and cultivate new positive relationships.

So, as we wrap up this unprecedented year, let’s take time to reflect on our growth. Let’s acknowledge our new wisdom, strength, and perspective. Let’s honor the connections we formed and those we deepened.

Let’s share gratitude for the silver linings of 2020.


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