Positive Affirmations to Strengthen Your Values 

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You have tens of thousands of thoughts each day, many are fleeting but some can create a stubbornly negative cycle.  If you find yourself in a repeated pattern of telling yourself that you are not good enough, you will start feeling self-doubt and insecurity.  One way to break the cycle is to use positive affirmations to reprogram the brain.  Feeding your brain thoughts that match the way you want to feel and behave, will result in a positive shift.  Using positive affirmations to strengthen your values will help you stay in alignment with what is important to you. 

Affirmations also have the potential to decrease stress, increase self-esteem, and improve confidence because they interrupt the cycle of negative thinking and provide your brain with something empowering to focus on. 


The following affirmations connect with particular values. Choose one or try them all! 


Certainty: I am confident in my decisions. 


This affirmation promotes the value of certainty. Although life is full of uncertainties, which can trigger fear and anxiety, you can cultivate trust in yourself which helps you remain calm and make thoughtful choices related to your future. 


Health:  My mental health and well-being are a top priority. 


Your health is fundamental to your happiness and livelihood.  Every day you make choices that impact your overall health and wellbeing.  Repeating this affirmation encourages healthy choices and supports the value of health. 


Peace: Peace is within me. 


Peace is a state of tranquility and calm but when life gets challenging or stressful, it can feel out of reach.  It’s also very common to hyperfocus on what’s wrong and forget you have choices that can create a change. This affirmation reinforces the value of peace, as well as your ability to tap into internal peace. 


Compassion: I am compassionate toward myself and others. 


Compassion is a value that boosts goodwill and empathy. It deepens the bond you have with others and inspires self-care.  As you strengthen this value, you will naturally become more gentle and self-accepting, which will translate to those around you.  This affirmation positively influences the way you treat yourself and others.


Relationships:  I choose life-enhancing relationships. 


Relationships are one of the most important areas of life.  At times you might find yourself attracted to someone for the wrong reasons, like status or popularity, or find yourself in a friendship that leaves you feeling depleted.  When you value healthy relationships you are more likely to choose authentic people, those who enrich your life and are unwavering in their support. 


Courage: I have the courage to confront difficult feelings and experiences.


Courage is a value that can motivate you to overcome challenges and acknowledge hard truths. Courage helps you stand up for what you believe and take healthy risks that lead to personal growth and wisdom.  This affirmation empowers you to step into your courage and reminds you that you can do hard things. 


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Authenticity: Being authentic is more important than being perfect. 


When you value authenticity, you value being true to yourself and act in a way that you know is right, rather than how you think others expect you to act.  Authenticity builds strong relationships, fosters self-acceptance, and discourages comparison and perfectionism.  Repeating this affirmation is an effective way to show up to everyone and everything as your true self. 


Personal Growth: My heart and mind are open to new ideas, experiences, and people. 


Life is full of opportunities to learn and grow into the best version of yourself. In order to receive the valuable wisdom life has to offer, you must be open. When you affirm that your heart and mind are open to new ideas, experiences, and people, you create an energy that aligns with the value of personal growth and positions you to receive all that life provides. 


Repeating an affirmation each day will spark positive changes in your thoughts and feelings.  It can also be helpful to read an affirmation. Try writing down your favorite on a Post-It note and place it somewhere you can see it.  You can also click here to download and print these Values Building Affirmations. 


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