Peak Moments: The Key to Discovering Your Teen Daughter’s Passion and Purpose 

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My teen client, Tina, is a junior in high school and filled with worry about her future.  She says she doesn’t know her passion or purpose.  She told me that everyone has their life figured out and she’s the only one who’s not sure. She describes feeling pressure from her parents and teachers to “follow her passion and purpose.”  


Tina is not alone. Many of the teen girls and young women I coach struggle to find their passion and purpose.  


During high school, teen girls start feeling pressure to have their lives figured out, from college to career.  During the college application process, the pressure intensifies, as the focus on their future sharpens.  Typically this triggers anxiety and stress, especially for the teen girls who don’t yet know what they want.  Some gain clarity in college but others find themselves in an unfilling job, still wondering what they are meant to do. 


No matter what her age or stage of life, when figuring out her next steps, your teen daughter’s passion and purpose often hide in her “peak moments.”  


A peak moment is both memorable and meaningful.  It can be identified as an experience that includes one of these four elements: 


Elevation: A moment of happiness or joyful surprise. 

Pride: A moment that captures her at her best. 

Insight: A moment that changes her understanding of herself and provides clarity. 

Connection: A moment shared with others or where social connections are strong. 


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It’s never too late to help your daughter reflect on her past and identify her peak moments.  Use these questions to spark a meaningful conversation that will help her focus on her peak moments and uncover your teen daughter’s passion and purpose: 


  • What was the happiest part of last year? 
  • In what situation do you feel you were showing up as your best? 
  • What moments or people made you feel your best?
  • What experiences made you feel lost in the moment? 
  • What experience taught you most about who you are and what matters to you? 
  • In what moments did you feel most connected?
  • What peak moments would you like to experience in your future?  


As you ask these questions, encourage your daughter to identify what led up to those peak moments.  Help her connect the choices she made with the memorable experiences, and identify the values and strengths each experience revealed.  As she goes through the process of identifying her peak moments, her confidence will strengthen, as will her ability to define her passions and purpose.   



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