The Surprising Link between Gratitude and Life Coaching for Teen Girls and Young Women

by | Apr 15, 2024 | Personal Growth, Teenagers | 0 comments

One thing that makes life coaching so inspiring for teen girls and young women is that the focus is on their future. Unlike therapy, which tends to focus on fixing a problem by digging into the past in order to figure out its root cause, the goal of life coaching is to help girls determine what’s important to them (their values), what they really want in their life (their goals and dreams), and how to get it (their action steps).   It’s an inspiring and energizing experience that always leaves girls feeling prepared for their future and confident in themselves.  

There are three main elements I focus on when coaching teen girls and young women toward their future dreams and goals: 


Gaining clarity about what they want and how to get it.

Making a plan and commitment to take action. 

Practicing gratitude which sets them up for success in a number of ways.


Practicing gratitude is one that often comes as a surprise to my clients, but through our conversations, they learn the following aspects of gratitude and how each plays into shaping dreams and achieving goals:


Studies show that gratitude promotes well-being and energy, two necessary elements when working toward goals.  


An intentional practice of gratitude asks girls to acknowledge what they have in their lives, rather than worrying about what is lacking.  It encourages confidence by inviting them to recognize the qualities they admire in themselves and feel grateful for how these qualities have contributed to growth and success.  


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Gratitude also promotes feelings of personal happiness, which in turn, supports them in feeling energized and motivated.  With more energy and motivation, they are better able to cope with obstacles and stress. In fact, obstacles and challenges start to be seen as opportunities to build strength and resilience, two important parts of achieving goals. 


Gratitude helps girls recognize the importance of their connections with others and encourages asking for and receiving outside support.  Other people can offer accountability, perspective, and cheerleading – three helpful aspects for turning goals into reality.  


Gratitude encourages girls to appreciate how far they have come and be optimistic about what they can achieve.  When setting goals for the future, it is helpful for girls to recognize how they have overcome obstacles of the past because it reminds them of their capability. It helps them appreciate where they have been, be happy with where they are, and build on their strengths and wisdom to move forward. 



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