Kim Muench’s Journey Towards Parent Coaching and Her Self

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I am so happy to introduce you to my dear friend and fellow parent coach Kim Muench. Kim and I met in Dallas and have been collaborating ever since.  In this interview, you will learn more about Kim’s parenting journey, her unique approach to parent coaching, and her recent book publication, which would make a great holiday gift for any parent on your list. 


How did you get into parent coaching? 


I’ve been a parent since I was eighteen, I have five kids, my eldest became addicted to alcohol as a young adult. Over the past three decades, I have learned a great deal about the parent/adolescent relationship through personal experience and education. I chose to use this information to help other families uncover happier, healthier relationships in their families and more peace at home. The parent/child relationship is the foundation of life.


In your practice, what are the most common parent concerns? 


Parents are anxious about everyday things like screen time, social media, and academics, but beneath that, I see a lack of confidence in their ability to create strong attachments with their teens, in part, because they’ve become disconnected from themselves and their own inner wisdom. Let’s face it, the world is full of noise and everyone telling you they’ve got the quick answer to your problem, including those with parenting. Parents invest in their kids’ activities and academics all day long, rarely do they think of investing in themselves in order to create the kind of relationships they want to have with their kids long-term.


What is your number-one tip for parents? 


Instead of jumping to fear and anger, get curious! All human behavior is motivated to get one of six emotional needs met. These include acceptance, affection, appreciation, attention, autonomy, and connection. What’s going on BENEATH the surface of your child’s behavior? Work through that, and you will fix the issue.


What do you think parents need to know or often overlook about teens today? 


Teens get a bad rap in our culture and it’s truly the most interesting time to parent through. This is when our kids are trying on who they are, supporting and encouraging them without taking personally that they are naturally more invested in their friends at this time in their lives. 


You recently published a book, Becoming Me While Raising You. It is so powerful and honest. What inspired you to tell your story? 


I honestly don’t think there is enough truth in the world and I believe when we have the courage to be vulnerable and let others into our stories we invite them to seek and share their own truth. Parenting is the most challenging and insightful way to grow ourselves up, I can’t share that message enough!


What do you hope readers will take away from your book? 


I hope they take away the understanding they are not alone in their struggles. We all have limiting beliefs that we unconsciously take on in childhood. These beliefs can impact the most important relationships in our lives…those with our partners and children. It’s life-changing to ask the questions, “What do I believe about myself?” “Is it true?” “If not, what is true?”


What is one thing your parenting journey taught you about life? About love? About yourself?  


My parenting journey has taught me to be compassionate and to practice non-judgment. My five kids are on wildly different paths and have some beliefs vastly different from my own. I can appreciate each of them for who they are, not for who I once thought or wanted them to be. Our children are our greatest teachers!


Learn more about Kim here.  

Buy the book: Becoming Me While Raising You: A Mother’s Journey To Her Self.

Watch a clip from Kim’s digital TV Show Becoming Me While Raising You


Read an excerpt from Becoming Me While Raising You in next week’s blog. 


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