Is Your Teen College Ready?

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In this three-part series of blogs, you will learn how you can support your teen in developing essential life skills so she is college ready.  You will be able to send her off to the dorm confident that she will enjoy her freshman year and continue to grow into a responsible, happy, resilient young woman


Part 1- What happens in college, stays in…. her life forever! 


For many teens, college is full of firsts.  The first time living on their own, and in many cases, experiencing a new city or state. The first time choosing their class schedule and managing day-to-day tasks.  The first time diving deeper into their sexuality and experimenting with romantic relationships.  The first time almost all of their free time is spent without adult supervision.  


These firsts are incredible opportunities for growth, but if your teen is not prepared to navigate them, they have the potential to trigger stress and anxiety.  She will call you constantly, asking to return home or lamenting about how everything is hard.  She will come home for a break and not want to go back to campus.  Under duress, there is a high likelihood that her grades will drop, her relationships will sour, and her self-esteem will plummet. 


This is avoidable.  


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If your teen is equipped with certain life skills, she will navigate these firsts in a way that supports an optimal college experience.  She will be able to identify toxic friendships or situations long before she gets stuck in one. She will face challenges with confidence because she knows they are opportunities to learn and are not the end of the world. She will understand how to deal with hard emotions and experiences without getting derailed or wanting to give up.  


While high school does a fair job of preparing girls to become college-ready, there is little emphasis on these skills, which are necessary for success in college and beyond. 


  1. Emotional Intelligence: How to understand and manage difficult emotions. 
  2. Social Strength:  How to be assertive, empathetic, and resilient. 
  3. Decision Making: How to make choices that are aligned with values, goals, and safety.  How to stay strong in the face of pressure and persuasion. 
  4. Self-Advocacy Skills: How to ask for help and speak up. How to be direct and clear with peers, and authority figures.  


Next week you will learn how you can help your daughter build Emotional Intelligence and Social Strength.


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