How to Find the Right Parent Coach

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Is your parenting journey what you thought it would be? Over the course of my career as a teacher and life coach, I’ve heard many parents voice concerns about how hard it is to raise kids today.  They’ve shared their fears and worries about school violence, social media, the rise of teen suicide, and the deterioration of teens’ mental health.  These parents do their very best to mindfully support and guide their teens but often find themselves struggling.  When their teen won’t open up, obsesses over her phone, struggles with friends,  appears to have low self-esteem, and says she’s anxious and stressed, they wonder if there is a better approach.  


Universally, parents want their teen to be happy. They want their teen to believe in herself and feel confident.  They hope she will handle adolescent challenges and risky situations with thoughtfulness and wisdom.  They pray she will stay out of harm’s way.  


They just aren’t sure how to equip her. 


That’s where parent coaching comes in.  


Parent coaching helps parents build the kind of relationship they want with their teen so they can effectively connect, communicate, and support.  


Just like therapists, parent coaches will each have a personal style and approach.  A good parent coach will work in partnership with their parent clients.  They will listen to understand the specific nuances of the situation or challenges, and they will personalize the parenting tools and strategies to fit the family’s values and goals.  Coaching is traditionally focused on action and outcomes and parent coaching is no different.  Right parent coach will inquire about desired outcomes and each session will focus on sharing action steps or teaching strategies that move parents toward their desired outcomes.  Progress will be tracked and wins will be celebrated!

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The Inspire Balance Parent Coaching Approach


My parent coaching programs show parents different ways of talking with their teen, not only so she listens and responds, but so she will make important connections and develop self-awareness.  The parents I work with learn parenting strategies that promote their teen’s confidence, decision-making skills, responsibility, and social strength.  Perhaps most importantly, after eleven years of coaching girls and hearing the details of their challenges, thoughts, feelings, and needs, I can give parents a unique view of what’s going on for teens.   This perspective promotes parent confidence and equips them to teach their teen the life skills she needs to reach her highest potential  


Similar to my teen and young adult coaching programs, parent coaching provides a safe place to process feelings, talk through challenges and surprises, and get clarity about the best next steps.  This is especially important when a teen confides in something shocking.  I’ve coached many parents through situations including when their teen shares a new gender identity, opens up about a highly explicit sexual experience, and confesses to disorderly eating, taking drugs, or stealing.   It goes without saying that these kinds of truths would trigger any parent, and when triggered, it’s crucial to get support and connect with clarity and calm.  


Finding the Right Parent Coach


A good coach-client fit is the only way coaching will be effective.  I encourage parents to reach out to several parent coaches. Schedule a discovery call (if offered) and get a feel for the coach’s energy and approach.  Ask about their experience, with both parents and teens and the specific way they coach their parent clients.  For example, some coaches use structured programs or set curriculum and others are more fluid and personalized.  Most importantly, tune into how it feels to talk with this parent coach.  


If you’re interested in learning more about my parent coaching programs, don’t hesitate to schedule a free discovery call.


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