How to Create Balance and Reduce Stress 

by | Jan 16, 2023 | College, Parenting, Teenagers | 4 comments

My parent, teen, and young adult clients all share a common desire:  reducing stress. 


Parents want to feel less stress in balancing their personal lives with work and family.  They seek relief, balance, and time for self-care. 


Teens wish school could be less stressful.  They long to feel more secure when it comes to grades, friends, and themselves. 


Young adults crave more clarity in their career choices, relationships, and ways to manage their newfound adult responsibilities.  They had hoped “adulting” would be less stressful. 


Although parents, teens, and young adults are stressed for different reasons, they all have a need for more balance and relief.  Cultivating these qualities requires intention and effort, but the outcome is well worth it.  When parents feel less stressed, they are less reactive.  They prioritize self-care and maintain a healthy work, family and personal life balance. Teens and young adults who know how to manage stress and create balance are more productive, secure, and calm.  


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Life will surprise us with unexpected annoyances. At some point, you will have an experience that will trigger worry, anxiety, anger, or pain, so expecting a completely stress-free life is unreasonable.  What is reasonable is building your toolbox of stress-reducers so that you can take steps to care for yourself and lower those feelings of anxiety. 




Take a thoughtful and analytic approach: 

  • Brainstorm solutions and actions
  • Identify the pros and cons of a situation 


Reduce stress in your physical body: 

  • Exercise 
  • Practice mindful breathing  


Get support: 

  • Talk with a trusted friend or adult 
  • Spend time with positive, uplifting people 


Shift your focus: 

  • Create art 
  • Read
  • Journal 


Relieve tension:  

  • Yell into a pillow 
  • Punch a punching bag or pillow 
  • Stomp your feet 




Think about what daily activities and routines bring a sense of calm and peace.  Use this list to enhance your daily activities and routines or get new ideas.  


  • Aim for 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night.
  • Start the day with a visualization of a productive, happy day.
  • Each day, spend five to 15 minutes in stillness and quiet.  
  • Post an inspirational quote somewhere you can see it daily.  
  • Share only positive comments on social media. 
  • Practice gratitude. Grab your free download of A Year in Focus to access a gratitude journal, and many other inspiring practices to support you through 2023. 
  • Reframe “Fear of Missing Out.” See it as an important time to rest, reflect, and revive.
  • Spend time outside. At least ten minutes a day will do wonders for your mood.
  • Process heavy experiences and difficult emotions through movement, art, conversation, therapy, or coaching.  
  • Ask for what you need. 


  1. Good Information I can use today. Thanks!

    • Great to know Wendy! You are very welcome. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Ditto. My clients get the same advice!

    • It’s good advice because it works :) You have lucky clients Allison.


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