How Coaching Supports EQ

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You want your teen to be happy, especially as she heads off to college.  You hope to see her succeed in school, career, relationships, and life!  You do your best to equip her to reach her highest potential and live her best life, but are you supporting the one skill that determines her job success, academic achievements, social competence, and ability to manage difficult emotions? 


Experts agree that Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is as, if not more, important than IQ.


EQ includes the ability to recognize and understand emotions and use that understanding to guide thinking and actions.  People with a high EQ also have strong social and communication skills.  They know how to read between the lines and resolve conflict with empathy and compassion.   Think about how vital this is for your teenager as she learns to navigate college life.  When she finds herself in situations that challenge her self-esteem, drain her confidence, and trigger overwhelming feelings, she can rely on her EQ to deal with setbacks in a constructive, empowering way. 


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Emotional Intelligence is a natural outcome of life coaching.


Through life coaching, college students develop three essential aspects of EQ: self-awareness, social awareness, and emotional regulation.  


Self-awareness is a fundamental component of life coaching.  Through specific coaching tools and creative processes, girls build a language of self that goes beyond funny, smart, and nice.  As they develop a deeper sense of self, they begin to see how to use their inner qualities to build healthy relationships and make important decisions.  


Coaching also builds social awareness. Through skillful conversations, girls are prompted to think about different points of view.  They learn how to interpret non-verbal cues and tap into compassion and empathy when responding to a peer, adult, or family member.  They have an opportunity to practice difficult conversations and they learn the language to respectfully assert themselves. 


Life coaching sessions provide teens and young adults an outlet to process thoughts and experiences and understand feelings.  Through coaching, girls gain a broader perspective of situations.  They learn how to regulate their emotions, respond instead of react, and handle challenges with clarity and calm.


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