Helping Your Teen Connect with Her Intuition 

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Helping teens understand and connect with their intuition is a big part of my teen coaching practice.


A teen’s intuition serves as a guide toward their truth and a quiet understanding of what is right. By revealing the next steps, showing them the way through complicated situations, and illuminating solutions to life’s challenges, intuition can become an important tool during the teen years. 


Intuition provides guidance and leads to solutions to life’s challenges.  


While all of us have intuition,  teens may not always recognize theirs.  The teen years are full of emotional extremes and the constant “noise” from social media, celebrity influencers, peers, and adults eager to give advice make it difficult for a teen to trust her inner-knowing. 


Through coaching, teens learn to detach from the extra “noise” and discover techniques that help them connect to and trust their intuition. They gain the ability to reduce stress and overwhelm and find more contentment and clarity in their decision-making.  


Introduce your teen to these practices… and try them for yourself. 


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Tune into your body 


While the mind can easily wander and get lost in obsessive and often unhelpful thoughts, the body has the ability to be an anchor.  


It can sense people, situations, and energy in a way that the mind simply cannot. Think about a time you had a certain feeling about a person or situation. It may have been a sense of peace and welcoming or perhaps it was discomfort and fear. These feelings are your body’s way of communicating with you. Turning into your body helps you discover what is true and right.  


A powerful way to connect with your body is through this simple meditation.  Sit on a chair with your spine straight and your bare feet connecting with the floor. Place a hand on your belly and a hand on your heart. Take several slow, deep, centering breaths, scan your body, and ask, What do I feel? Where is there tension? Where is there calm? When contemplating an important decision, focus on the question and each possible choice.  While visualizing each choice and outcome, notice how your body feels, recognize which choice brings a feeling of peace and which creates stress or tension in the body.  


Identify what is most important… to you! 


This is especially hard for teens because they feel so much pressure to be a certain way, follow a particular path, or achieve a particular goal.  When it comes to identifying what is most important, there are two simple but powerful questions to explore- What do I really want? and What is the most ideal outcome? Start by going on an “intentional daydream.” Get quiet and create an ambiance that is free of distraction, one that invites your body to relax and encourages your mind to wander through all that is possible.  As you wander, tune into your body, notice what vision feels best, and sparks contentment, happiness, and energy.  If you notice an “I should” come up, recognize it as that – a should- and ask  Is this what is true to you?




I always encourage teens to journal.  Writing about experiences and emptying the thoughts that clutter the mind make it easier to connect with the inner wisdom of intuition. There are many ways to journal. One journal practice that has been especially effective with my clients is a stream of a consciousness brain dump.  In this approach, a teen will write down anything and everything that is creating stress, worry, fear, sadness, or rage.  It can be written in a way that demonstrates the emotion. For example, anger can be expressed in large, bold letters.  Sadness may be expressed through a certain color.  Journaling in this way helps teens release and soften intense emotions.  


A teen’s intuition is one of her most important tools for life, and the more she learns how to tune in it, the more integrated it becomes.  As her intuition becomes her guide, she will become more confident, competent, and grounded in her truth. 



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