Helping Teens Turn Dreams into Goals

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Teenagers | 0 comments

The first Dreams and Goals workshop

Last week, a group of thoughtful girls gathered on Zoom for my Dreams and Goals workshop. They were ready to dive into their values and dreams, plus learn a process for goal-setting that would provide them a meaningful plan for turning their dreams into reality.

I will be giving one more online workshop on January 9, 2021. Sign up your daughter to help her kick-off 2021 with a clear vision and plan for turning her dreams into reality!

Goals & Dreams 2021 Online Workshop

Why are goals important?

To kick things off, I asked the group what is important about creating personal goals?

I am frequently blown away by the profound insight teens share in their one-on-one coaching sessions and this group event was no different. In response to my question, one participant replied, “If you want to do something, or if you want something to happen, you can’t just sit there and wait for it to happen to you. You have to take the steps to go there and get it done. That’s why goal setting is important.”

Another shared, “Big goals can feel overwhelming but when you can identify the baby steps or smaller goals the big goals feel more attainable.”

What a start!! These girls clearly understood why goal setting is important, but they had never approached it in the way they were about to.

Connecting with the heart.

Identifying values and passions is an important part of goal setting. When teens create goals that are aligned with what matters to them and what inspires them, they are more motivated to take action and stay on track. During our workshop, the girls engaged in a process that helped them clarify their values and passions. They highlighted qualities including balance, laughter, family, and happiness. With my guidance, they learned how to use their personal values and passions in their plan of action.

Dreams inspire goals.

It is always more meaningful when short-term goals connect with long-term dreams. As I led the girls through visualization of their future self, some saw themselves in fulfilling careers, one had written a book, and another was pursuing her passion for science. They were connecting with a big picture perspective and from there, I taught them how to identify a short-term goal and the small steps they can take that will move them toward their future dreams.

Key takeaways.

These teens were learning how to craft their life. They left the workshop having outlined an action plan and identified a support system to help them stay accountable. Their support system included parents, teachers, and coaches, in addition to their personal strengths and values. They recognized how to use their inner qualities and make choices that would propel them forward, toward a life of their dreams.


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