Help Your Teen Beat Summer Boredom

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Teenagers | 0 comments

Summer is well underway and the novelty of late nights, beach days, and lazy mornings may be wearing off.  If your teen is complaining of summer boredom, here are some ideas you might suggest: 


Try something new. 


Invite your teen to make a list of all the things she’s always wanted to do, choose at least one experience and make it happen.  She may want to:   explore a new part of town, either live or virtually;  try a new type of food or experiment with a new recipe;  attempt a new sport or refine skill in her favorite sport; learn another language through an app like Duo Lingo. There are so many options! 

The benefits: Trying new things often reveals hidden talents or interests. Plus, changing up the normal routine alleviates boredom.  


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Help others. 


Older teens can seek out internships for the fall. Both younger and older teens can get involved in community events, volunteer, or donate goods to organizations such as The Salvation Army, Amvets, Rescue Mission, or The GoodWill. 

The benefits: Volunteering enhances her college resume and giving back is an excellent way to boost self-esteem.


Prepare for the future. 


Summer is a great time to begin college applications and essays. If big exams like the SAT and/or ACT are around the corner, encourage your teen to get a head start on test preparation.  Subsequently, without the stress and busyness of school, it is an optimal time to start planning and setting goals for the next school year.  Ask about her academic aspirations, her desires with friendships, and help her get organized for the year ahead. 

The benefits: Planning ahead alleviates stress, opens up more time when she needs it most, and sets the stage for success! 


Try yoga and meditation.


If stress and overwhelm plague the school year, use the summer to explore stress-busting activities together.  Both yoga and mediation are proven to reduce stress and increase productivity, focus, and calm.  Plus, they are easy to practice virtually anywhere and anytime.  

The benefits: Mental benefits include less stress, sharper focus, and more calm. Physical benefits include improved strength, flexibility, and balance.


Take a dive into personal growth. 


Summer is one of the best times for your teen to start working with a life coach.  Without the stress and pressure of school, she has a valuable opportunity to reflect on areas of growth and new ideas and thoughts.  A coach will help her understand how to use her new discoveries, along with her personal strengths, to create the best possible future! 

The benefits: Coaching will make all areas of life better!!  Your teen will feel more confident, have better relationships, better grades, and a positive outlook on life. She will build emotional intelligence, self-advocacy skills, and decision-making skills.  


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