Getting to Know Your Inner Teacher 

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Everyone has an inner teacher. It is called your intuition. 


Intuition can be heard as a gentle voice or a quiet assurance.  Sometimes it is a strong feeling, prompting you into action.  


Your intuition guides you through your most important decisions and simple choices.  It reveals your next steps, shows you the way through complicated situations, and illuminates solutions to life’s challenges.  


Everyone has intuition but tuning into it can be a challenge.  Most of us are distracted by thoughts of the past and worries about the future.  Busyness is a barrier to intuition.  In addition, the constant stream of “noise” from the media and people who proclaim to know what is best, creates confusion and makes it difficult to recognize true intuition.  


In my coaching practice, I help my teen and young adult clients connect with their intuition and learn to ignore the influence of social media, celebrity influencers, and peers. Once they feel comfortable trusting their intuition, they find they can more easily prioritize the things that really matter. 

The practices I teach my clients are useful for anyone at any age.  


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Clear the path for your intuition.   


One of the most helpful ways to declutter the mind is a stream of consciousness journaling.  This involves writing down anything and everything that is on your mind. This process clears the way for you to start noticing your intuition.  


Once you are clear, move into the next two practices.  


Listen to your body.  


The body has innate wisdom.  It can sense things in a way that the mind simply cannot.  Your feelings are your body’s way of communicating with you.   When you tune into your body, you discover what is true and right.  


Sometimes your intuitive feelings can be so powerful that you don’t need to intentionally listen to your body. In other cases, you need to be purposeful. Here’s how:


  1. Sit tall and feel the surface beneath you. Is it warm? Cool? Hard? Soft? 
  2. Place a hand on your belly and a hand on your heart. Take several slow, deep, breaths. Notice the breath move into your heart and belly.  Feel it move gently out.  Focus on your breathing for a few moments.  
  3. Sense what you feel from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Notice where you feel the tension and where you feel relaxed.  
  4. If you are facing an important decision, focus on your choices.  Imagine each choice and see yourself taking a particular action.  Pay attention to how your body feels. 
  5. Recognize which choice brings a feeling of peace and which triggers stress or tension.
  6. Listen to your inner voice tell you which choice is right.   


Two powerful questions. 


Find  a quiet place and ask yourself these two questions:

How do I feel? 
What do I need?  


In silence, you will notice how your intuition responds.  This is also a good time to tune into your body and notice what answers are accompanied by feelings of contentment, happiness, or energy.  If you feel drawn to an old story or a particular “should,” acknowledge it and refocus on the questions.  Move back into what is true for you. 


Consider journaling your answers.  Writing your responses often leads to surprising insights.  It can also spark clarity around the actions you can take to get what you want. 


Use your inner teacher.


Intuition is a tool. The more often you connect with it, the stronger it becomes.  You will find yourself naturally paying attention to your body and deeply knowing what is important for you. You will be drawn to seeking clarity and truth.  The more you allow yourself to be guided by your inner teacher, and your intuition, you will find yourself feeling more trust and calm. It will be easier to control emotional reactions.  You will become more confident in your choices. 


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