Fostering Effective Time Management: A guide for parents of teens

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Parenting, Personal Growth, Teenagers | 0 comments

Helping your teenage daughter manage her time effectively and establish healthy routines can be challenging. As the school year gets into full swing, your daughter’s academic, social, and personal demands increase and she may quickly find herself overwhelmed and stressed.  


As a parent, you can help! The following practices will help you guide your daughter toward better time management, which will lead to positive routines. You can also download a Year in Focus for one of my favorite time management tools, one that I use with many of my teen and young adult clients. 


Create a Plan

Have an open and non-judgmental conversation with your teenage daughter about her responsibilities, commitments, and goals. Seek to understand her perspective on time management and the challenges she faces. This conversation sets the foundation for collaboration and makes her feel heard and supported.


Teach Prioritization

Show her how to prioritize and reinforce the fact that she can’t do everything at once. Encourage her to focus on a few key tasks or activities that align with her goals and interests. 


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Use Time Blocking

Introduce your teenage daughter to time blocking. This technique involves dividing the day into blocks of time dedicated to specific tasks. Help her allocate time for homework, sports, self-care, and friends. This strategy enhances focus and reduces the tendency to procrastinate.


Be an Example

Your daughter is very likely to follow your lead. Demonstrate effective time management and healthy routines in your own life. This could mean using a strategy like time blocking in your own life and showing her how you prioritize work, family, self-care, and the pursuit of your personal interests.

Encourage Flexibility

Teach your daughter that flexibility is a part of life. Sometimes plans change, unexpected events occur, and adjustments are necessary. Encourage her to adapt gracefully and not get discouraged by deviations from the schedule.

Respect Her Autonomy

While your guidance is helpful, it is equally important to respect your teenage daughter’s autonomy. Allow her some control over their schedule and routines. This sense of ownership encourages responsibility and accountability.


Helping your teenage daughter manage time and create healthy routines requires collaboration and understanding. By offering guidance and encouraging her to take charge of her schedule with effective strategies, she will develop valuable skills that will serve her throughout the school year.  


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