Five Ways Self Awareness Makes Life Better

by | Mar 19, 2023 | College, Parenting, Personal Growth | 0 comments

Self awareness is a powerful tool. It supports personal growth, achievement of goals, better relationships, and overall fulfilling life.  Developing self-awareness takes time and intention but once you begin the journey, you will notice helpful shifts and new abilities. These are five positive changes you will notice as you become more self-aware.  


1. Easier Decision-Making
Self-awareness involves connecting with your values and beliefs.  When you gain a deeper understanding of what is important to you and what you believe in, you can make decisions that are aligned with your values and bring you greater fulfillment.


2. Better Relationships
Self-awareness strengthens understanding of your inner world. You become more aware of how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors impact others, thus helping to reduce conflict, enhance communication, increase empathy, and ultimately build deeper connections with others.


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3. Less Tension
Self-awareness reinforces emotional intelligence. With a strong EQ, you can recognize your feelings and triggers, making it easier to manage stressful feelings and tap into effective coping strategies.


4. More Motivation
As you become more self-aware, you can gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to identify areas for personal growth and gain the motivation to work towards becoming the best version of yourself. 


5. Confidence Boost
Self-awareness deepens your understanding of your abilities and worth. Feelings of insecurity will be replaced by a new sense of self-confidence.  


There are several ways to develop self-awareness.  Coaching is one of the most effective.  It provides an intentional time to process experiences, clarify goals,  learn from mistakes, and connect with personal strengths and values.  You can find more self-awareness-building exercises here.


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