End-of-Year Reflection Questions for Parents and Teens

by | Dec 27, 2023 | Personal Growth, Teenagers | 0 comments

Reflection is an integral part of personal growth.  It gives you and your teen an opportunity to make sense of past experiences and extract wisdom that can inform your future.  These questions are designed to inspire meaningful parent-teen conversations, while also building self-awareness, personal wisdom, and optimism for the year ahead! 


  • What challenges did you overcome in 2023? 


The answer to this question is proof to yourself that you can do hard things! You can figure things out and find ways to make it through challenging times. 


  • What do you now know as a result of going through those challenges? 


Challenges always teach us something.  You might have learned something about yourself or someone else.  Use this  knowledge to inform your future decisions. 


  • What inner-qualities were strengthened as a result of going through those challenges? 


Just as challenges bring about new wisdom, they also strengthen your inner qualities.  Recognizing the qualities that have been strengthened promotes self-awareness and builds resilience.  


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  • What are three wins you experienced in 2023? 


All too often, positive experiences get brushed off, rather than celebrated.  By acknowledging the good things, a.k.a. your wins, you welcome more good things into your life. 


  • What do these wins reflect about your character? 


Like challenges, wins hold a lot of valuable information. They reflect your strengths, capabilities, and values. You will deepen your self-awareness as you reflect on what your wins say about you. 


  • What did you learn about your personal boundaries? 


To answer this question, take a moment to think about what situations or people triggered strong, unfavorable emotions.  As you reflect, consider what it was about this situation or what  it was about what the person said or did that was not OK with you.  This will help you identify a personal boundary.  As you learn more about your personal boundaries, you will be able to use them to create strong, healthy relationships.  


  • How have you changed this year? 


All of your experiences in 2023, from your greatest achievements to your biggest challenges, had an impact on you.   Your answer to this question will likely highlight new needs, deeper values, or clarified dreams and goals. 


  • What are three words or one phrase that describes 2023? 


This question provokes a reflection that commemorates the past year and prepares you for a new year.  Try using this sentence frame to answer this question:   2023 was all about _________________________.  



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