Do You Need a Parent Coach? Take a Quiz to Find Out

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Have you been wondering if you need a parent coach? Are you curious about how working with a coach will transform your relationship with your teen and erase your stress, worry, and fear about parenting a teen today? 


Take this quiz to find out if parent coaching is for you.


  1. Does it feel like you are constantly battling your teen? 
  2. Do you wonder if you are setting too many limits or not enough? 
  3. Are you beginning to feel resentful of doing so much for an ungrateful teen? 
  4. Are you and your partner on different parenting pages?
  5. Does it feel you are constantly nagging your teen? 
  6. Does your teen reject your support or fly off the handle when you try to help? 
  7. Does your teen tell you you never listen and just don’t understand? 
  8. Are you unsure how to talk with your teen about things like gender identity and sexuality? 
  9. Do you want to help your teen develop empathy, compassion, confidence, and self-esteem? 
  10. Would you like to reduce your own stress, worry, and fear about parenting a teen? 


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then it’s time to seriously consider working with a parent coach.  An experienced parent coach will teach you new strategies and approaches that reduce conflict, promote positive, respectful communication, and enhance your relationship with your teen.  You will discover how to set appropriate limits so you can stop nagging your teen. You will gain insight into the challenges and common situations your teen faces, so you can provide calm, informed support and start meaningful conversations.   Coaching will provide you with a new language to use with your teen that will ultimately deepen his/her sense of empathy, compassion, confidence,  and self-esteem.  


Imagine a relationship with your teen that is rooted in mutual respect. 


A relationship in which your teen opens up to you and listens with an open mind. Picture yourself feeling relief and complete trust in your teen because you know you have laid a strong foundation from which he/she will make responsible and thoughtful choices.  Envision your teen growing into a wise, confident, accountable, and happy young adult.   All of this is possible! 


Consider Gina* who said, “Parent coaching has made a HUGE difference in how my husband and I communicate with both our girls.  They used to never open up, and now they both tell me almost everything. Our relationship is so much better.” 


Or Jennifer* who said, “My relationship with my daughter is getting so much better because of coaching.  We are turning corners, fighting less, and resolving conflict in a more constructive way.” 


To learn more about how my parent coaching programs will transform your relationship with your teen, schedule a free discovery call. 


*Names have been changed to protect clients’ privacy.


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