A New Approach to a New Year: Focus on Gratitude

by | Jan 3, 2023 | Teenagers | 0 comments

Did you know that only 8% of people actually keep their New Year Resolutions?  In fact, 22% of resolutions fail after just one week!! Why is that? 

Research indicates that resolutions without a plan and clear goals are likely to fail.  And, unless a resolution is shared with someone, it will most likely be forgotten. 


Resolutions require work! They often require a major change to how we are currently living, so it’s very easy to give up.  Consider one of the most common resolutions: to exercise more.  Unless you are already in an exercise routine, enthusiasm toward daily workouts can wane after just a few days.  When your body is sore, when your bed or sofa is calling your name, or when life gets busy, it’s easy for this resolution to become your last priority.  


It’s time for a new approach.


I am a firm believer in goal setting and New Year intentions, but I believe that in order to manifest our goals and follow through with our intentions, we need to be motivated to take action and have faith that both our progress and setbacks are part of the process.  There is one powerful practice that can keep us in the right frame of mind and committed to our goals.   It is a practice that cultivates an emotion that has the power to motivate and stay optimistic:  Gratitude. 


Gratitude is one of the most transformative emotions you can experience.  Gratitude promotes changes in brain waves that lead to positive actions, emotional balance, improved relationships, and a clearer perspective.   Cultivating gratitude is simple: you pause, reflect, and express thanks.  You can express gratitude toward anything: your pet, a smile from a stranger, a warm, sunny day, a big pay raise, or an incredible vacation.  Gratitude is limitless.  


Three steps to get into a gratitude groove: 


  1. Get your friends and family involved. Commit to sharing the things you love in your life.  
  2. Find inspiring quotes and place them around your workspace or home to help spark thoughts of gratitude. (Check out my Thoughts for Thursdays on my Instagram feed for some of my favorite quotes.)
  3. At some point in your day, list three to five good things that happened. Remember, gratitude is limitless. 


Expressing gratitude is a critical step toward supporting yourself as you move through life and work toward goals.  It can illuminate the blessings in stressful experiences or challenging setbacks.  It promotes feelings of well-being, and because grateful people can easily show appreciation, compassion, and support, they naturally attract positive people into their lives.  


So why not kick off the new year with a focus on gratitude?


Grab your free download of A Year in Focus to access a gratitude journal, and many other inspiring practices to support you through 2023. 


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