Summer Coaching 2020

Summer coaching program will help your teenage daughter to get ready for a big transition to High School or College

College Ready Program

Come fall, students will start or resume their college careers.  For Freshman, this will mark an important passage into adulthood, their first year of real independence.  Returning students will face big adjustments as they return to campus after months of distance learning or continue with online instruction.  In light of COVID, both new and returning students are bound to encounter a very different school experience. 

The College Ready Program is designed to help new and returning college students deepen their personal wisdom and gain strategies for success and fulfillment.

We will cover:

Personal Wisdom
Develop internal resources: mindset, resilience, and self-compassion.
Learn how to shift negative feelings into empowering emotions. 

Skills for College Success
Self-Advocacy, Time and Stress Management, Motivation, and Balance.

Skills for New Social Dynamics
Friendships, Intimate Relationships, Boundaries, and Voice.

Skills for Moving into the Future
Goals, Intentions, and Action Steps. 

Girls who complete this program will emerge with a better understanding of themselves and a practical set of Tools for Life. They will learn how to take charge of their present and stride toward a fulfilling future that is aligned with their values and goals.

Includes Six Summer Sessions , Plus One Fall Follow Up Session


Summer coaching for college

High School Ready Program

Whether your daughter is starting her Freshman year or a returning student, she will need to be prepared for the challenges and rigors of high school. In light of COVID, she will also need to be prepared for significant changes to her high school experiences.  

The High School Ready Program will help her learn how to make the most of new situations.  She will learn how to step into her confidence, cultivate healthy relationships, navigate social challenges, and commit to a plan for personal and academic success.

We will cover:

Personal Wisdom:
Identifying strengths and values.

Empowering Thoughts:
How to stop negative thinking and self-doubt. 

Social Strength:
Navigating friendship changes and challenges, and romantic relationships.

Skills for Success:
Mindset, time and stress management, motivation.

Includes Six Summer Sessions , Plus One Fall Follow Up Session


summer coaching for high school

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