Essential Guide to Parenting Teens
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  October 15: How to Get Your Teen into Strong Academic Habits

Learn how to help your teen have a successful school year and get into responsible study habits.  

November 5: Teach Your Teen to Crush Self Doubt and Build Confidence

Learn three simple changes you can make that will build your teen’s confidence and three ways to help your teen get out of funks and stop the downward spiral.


December 3: How to Set Limits and Avoid the Power Struggle

Too often, setting limits turns into a power struggle between parent and teen.  In this class, you will learn how set appropriate limits, enforce fair consequences, and build your teen’s sense of responsibility. 


December 3, 11 AM-12 PM P.S.T/ 2 PM-3 PM E.S.T
Q&A Session


January 7: A New Way of Goal Setting with Your Teen

Learn how to inspire your teen to set goals and stay in action toward what she really wants to achieve.


February 4: How to Empower Your Teen to Handle Mean Girls with Grace and Ease

Deepen your understanding of girl dynamics and discover three new strategies to teach your teen so she feels competent and strong in the face of bullies and mean girls.


March 4:  Four Effective and Constructive Ways to Communicate with Your Teen

Discover four ways of communicating with your teen and which is most effective to sustaining an open, honest, supportive conversation.


March 4, 11 AM-12 PM / 2 PM-3 PM E.S.T
Q&A Session


April 1: Five Ways to Improve Your Teen’s Well Being

Don’t let the mid-year blues overwhelm your teen. In this session, you will learn five constructive ways to support your teen’s mental health and well-being.


May 6: How to Help Your Teen Connect with Her Purpose

Teens who are connected to a purpose have more energy and motivation. In this class, you will learn a simple process that you can use to help your teen discover and connect with her purpose.


June 3: Five Essential Life Skills You Need to Teach Your Teen

Equip your teen with these five essential life skills to take into the summer and next school year.

June 3, 11 AM-12 PM / 2 PM-3 PM E.S.T
Q&A Session

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