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Ever since I can remember, I’ve been drawn to working with young people. In college, I volunteered at youth shelters and worked as a nanny before getting a job at a local preschool.  I was intrigued with child development and developed a love of teaching.  

After earning my teaching credential, I ventured to London for my first teaching job.  After two years, I returned to San Diego and started my career in Del Mar.  During my years in the classroom, girls would often confide in me, sharing their struggles with self-esteem, body image, friendships, family dynamics, and school. They were afraid to turn to their parents for fear of being misunderstood and didn’t want to turn to their friends for fear of being gossiped about. They felt alone and unsure.  I understood;  I felt the same during my teen years.  Knowing how different my path would have been if I had extra support, I felt the drive to do more.  I discovered a passion for helping girls understand themselves and feel confident in handling the unique challenges of adolescence. 

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Credentials and Qualifications

  • Over 15 years of coaching and teaching experience
  • Certified Family, Parent, and Teen Coach through Academy for Family Coach Training
  • Certified Teen Wisdom Inc. Life Coach
  • Certificate in Foundations of Positive Psychology  through University of Pennsylvania
  • Master’s in Education
  • Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies, minor in Child Development
  • Credentialed Teacher and Administrator 
  • Featured author in San Diego Family Magazine,  Good Life Family Magazine, and Kids Helping Kids book series.

Tipping Point 

 Shortly after writing my master’s thesis on relational aggression, which included a curriculum to teach girls about building their emotional intelligence and handling social challenges, I began to develop and teach yoga classes to teens and mother-daughter pairs. Then, I heard about Teen Life Coaching.  It was described as a field devoted to self-discovery, action, and accountability. A profession that focuses on building personal strengths, setting goals, overcoming obstacles, and ultimately moving forward with confidence and intention. I thought this is it!

In 2012, my life turned upside-down.  I suffered an unexpected heartbreak, ended my engagement, and started to wonder what would be next?  With my future plans upended, I decided to take a risk.  Although fearful, I left my full-time teaching job, became a certified Teen Wisdom Life Coach, and started my teen coaching practice.

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How I Work With Parents, Teens, and Young Adults 

My personalized teen and young adult coaching programs are a unique blend of traditional coaching and teaching.   We begin by identifying goals and desired outcomes.  Then, in a safe, judgment-free environment, girls cultivate self-awareness, confidence, and resilience.  They discover how to align their choices with their values and goals, and learn life skills that carry them toward their greatest potential. 

My first year of coaching teens made me acutely aware that parents needed support as well. They were exhausted, frustrated, and extremely worried that their daughter might go down the wrong path.  Similar to their daughters, they needed new tools and a fresh perspective.  My parent coaching programs provide just that- a different perspective, realistic solutions, and new practices that lead to fewer battles, less frustration, better communication, deeper respect, and trust. 

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Coaching was really cool and helpful.  Erica helped me feel better about friends.  I liked being able to talk about everything that bothered me. 

– 8th grade

Erica guides with questions and listens exceptionally. Her presence and style is perfect for young, developing girls. My daughter feels so comfortable with her. Her coaching has given my daughter confidence and very specific tools to respond to stress or difficult situations.
– Parent
My daughter really enjoys working with Erica and I absolutely see the value for her. Her frustration level has gone down a lot with her sister and the family in general. Hearing and seeing how Erica works with her is also helpful so I can continue to support her. I’m so thankful for Erica’s support and guidance.
– Parent
Coaching helped me feel more confident in certain areas and have more motivation for the stepping stones in my life. Erica helped me see that many situations are not as traumatic as they seem. She made me very comfortable and used methods that were very helpful.
–10th grade

Erica is a great support to parents who want the best for their children who sometimes don’t have the answers our children are seeking. There are times when children and teens need to process things with an adult they can trust. You can trust Erica with your children!

– Parent

Erica has also been a huge support to me and my husband. Providing us with coaching on how to best communicate and support our girls. Erica has a warm and inviting style. I highly recommend giving her a call if you want extra support through the sometimes challenging tween/teen years.

– Parent

My coaching experience with Erica was a 10 out of 10. She helped me come out of my shell and really connect with myself. I liked being able to talk about anything.
– 10th grade

Erica Rood is a extremely knowledgeable and compassionate coach in supporting children and teens through the joys and pains of growing up in today’s world. Our daughter met Erica years ago in a yoga class and immediately felt comfortable sharing her personal challenges and learned how to strive for confidence and peace through Erica’s user- friendly tools.

– Parent

The relationship they have developed over the years will benefit my daughter for a lifetime.
Thank you Erica!

– Parent

Erica is your go to coach for raising a healthy happy teenager. I would not be so close with my daughter, if it were not for us working with Erica. She has helped us make the teen years joyful and connected. She has also helped my daughter grow as person and discover who she really is. I highly recommend Erica for coaching if you or your daughter are struggling with the teen years.

– Parent

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