Four Ways to Maintain a Strong Bond with Your Teenage Daughter

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As your teenage daughter becomes more independent, she will act like she doesn’t need your help in dealing with anything, especially the changes and challenges she’s facing.  Most teenage girls believe they are equipped and ready to take the world by storm.  While it’s exciting to watch her personality bloom, it’s frightening to wonder what your daughter will really do when she’s encouraged to drink alcohol, experiment with drugs, or engage in sex.  Add to that the power and sense of freedom that comes with driving, the pressure she’s under from school and sports, and a strong need to fit in, and it’s for good reason your parent anxiety rises.   


So, how do you effectively maintain your bond and keep the lines of communication open so you can guide your teenage daughter in the right direction? Here are a few tips to get you started:


  • Tune in with your daughter by asking open-ended questions and listening without judgment. Try not to assume she wants you to fix her problems.
  • Set and maintain clear boundaries and expectations for behavior. Start important conversations about drugs, alcohol, personal and online safety early.
  • Let her know you respect her.  Frequently use the words “I respect you/your…” and follow it with a personality trait that you genuinely admire, rather than an accomplishment.
  • Check in with yourself. Your words, actions, and habits are powerful influencers on your teen’s behavior.


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Studies have shown that teens expect their parents to play a pivotal role in their lives. They long for a trusted adult with whom they can openly ask questions and talk about problems, hopes, and dreams. When teen girls have adults in their lives who help them navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and celebrate successes, the likelihood of engaging in risky behavior is significantly lowered.


Of course, the more trusted adults your teen has in her inner circle, the better.  In fact, a strong network of support benefits everyone; parents breathe a sigh of relief knowing their teenage daughter has safe and trusted outlets and girls gain a healthy sense of independence when they receive additional support from adults outside their family.  Creating these alliances before alarm bells sound is key.   


Teen life coaching is one way to support your daughter’s social and emotional health and well-being. It will help ease her (and you) through the tough teen years and guide her toward a balanced and healthy adulthood.

This is an excerpt from my book: Power Up Your Parenting.


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